All You Need to Know about 3D Game Art Production

The gaming industry has seen a significant evolution, with 3D game art production and game art services playing a pivotal role in enhancing the gaming experience. This art form involves creating 3D objects, characters, and environments that captivate players, making games more engaging and visually attractive. With the increasing demand for high-quality game graphics, understanding 3D game art production becomes essential for anyone looking to break into the gaming industry. 3D Game Art Production | Introduction to the process 3D game art production is not just about creating objects; it’s about blending art with technology to produce amazing game worlds. Unlike 2D game art, which is flat and two-dimensional, 3D game art offers depth, allowing objects and characters to be viewed from various […]

11 Best Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services are platforms set up to make email marketing more manageable for businesses and individuals. With these platforms, users can build, organize, and fully operate their email lists with ease. The importance of email marketing in any online marketing campaign cannot be overemphasized. Study has it that for every dollar ($1) spent on email marketing, an average ROI of forty dollars ($40) is attained according to this article ( go to external site ). This stands in a huge contrast against the two dollar ROI gotten from banner ads, which Play Starburst XXXtreme were happy to verify with us was their experience also. Return on Investment for every dollar spent Resource: CITC – Managed IT support and services Email: $40 Catalogs: $7.30 SEO: $22.24 Internet Display: $19.72 Mobile: $10.51 Keyword […]

What You Need to Set Up Your Own Web Hosting from Home

A successful, well-managed website needs a reliable web host. Whether you know the ins and outs of building a website or have never even given it a thought until today, you can take care of web hosting yourself, right from your home computer. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy computer nerd to set up your own web hosting from home. Below is all the information you need to build a website from the ground up, starting with setting up your own web hosting. What is Web Hosting? Let’s start from the beginning: what does it mean to host a website? Web hosting is when you put your website data on a server, which means those files are publicly accessible […]

Hosting Companies Will Use the Blockchain or Get Left Behind

“Crypto is taking over and companies better get with the program.” according to Peter from account outsourcing services by infinit accounting . According to Lester Cyr, the majority of hosting companies, including Bluehost will adopt blockchain technology within the next 10 years . Just like with a self managed crypto super fund, there is also money to be saved in decentralized hosting, and even more so when you sign up with a coupon. If you choose to pay in Bitcoin, choose an online exchange that offers fair bitcoin prices . Bearing this idea in mind, saying that companies will need to be adaptive and use blockchain or get left behind is not an extreme scenario, by any stretch of the imagination. In other words, businesses that want to stay ahead of consumers and client expectations should appreciate the […]

Is The Galaxy Fold Display Too Fragile For Real World Use?

According to Bullet In Tech News , when consumers first got word of a foldable smartphone, they were understandably thrilled and intrigued. Samsung developed a phone with a display that would literally bend in half, giving users the option of a standard-sized smartphone display, or a tablet-sized screen, all in the same device. After years of research and production, Samsung was finally ready to share their revolutionary device with the world. Or so they thought. Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Delayed Indefinitely Samsung initially chose April 26, 2019, as the launch date for the Galaxy Fold . But mere days after sending phones to various publications for review pre-launch, Samsung delayed the launch date indefinitely. Customers who preordered the Galaxy Fold have since gotten messages from AT&T […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Human Resources

Human resources, as a field, is always evolving to accommodate the growing and changing needs of companies and individuals. “With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), many HR tasks can be handled more efficiently to increase employee satisfaction drastically,” says Joanna who is in rfp consulting for The RFP Success Company. Many companies have already taken steps to utilize AI in their human resources departments. You may find their experiences inspirational enough to consider making AI an integral part of your company’s human resources operation. Artificial Intelligence Makes Recruiting A Breeze. With AI technology, online information can be collected from the candidate’s entire online presence, then that information can be used in to rank the candidates you will eventually choose from. By using this […]

Our Favorite Free Tools For Increasing Website Traffic

“Whether you have a business website a personal website, there are tools available to help you increase traffic. We increase our website traffic by 200% in just six months using a handful of known tools” says Mark from ByPurify . We tried out the SEO services at SEO Advantage that you guys were suggesting, and we found traffic increased 38% in 3 months. Impressive results to say the least. Another company doing  website design for healthcare has also increased their client’s traffic by over 400% last 2 years. With so many options out there, it can feel like digging through trash to find the right SEO Services. To make it easier to find tools that will give you the results you desire, we have compiled a list […]

What’s The Deal With Nike Self-Tying Shoes?

The future is now. Maybe you have tried the new Lambo hoverboard? in our opinion it’s the best looking hoverboard money can buy . And if you love spending money on cool new gadgets then guess what.. now we have self-tying sneakers. That’s right, just like Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in Back to the Future , you can now get your hands on a pair of self-tying shoes. With the HyperAdapt shoe, Nike introduced new technology to the footwear industry: smart sneakers. These futuristic shoes make tripping over untied laces a thing of the past but how do they work? Are we ready for advanced, intelligent sneakers that do most of the work for us? Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Nicknamed E.A.R.L. ( Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing ), this technology is what turned self-lacing shoes […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei Mate X – Battle Of The Foldable Phones

Foldable smartphones seem to be an ideal solution for consumers who want a large display screen without giving up the convenience of a smaller, easier to handle a smartphone. With display screens having gotten larger in recent years, a common complaint amongst users is the inability to use the bigger phones one-handed. Flagship Folding Phones Comparison SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD HUAWEI MATE X PRICE $1,980 ~$2,600 (2,300 euros) SIZE Not yet confirmed Folded: 6.35 x 3.08 x .43 in Unfolded: 6.35 x 5.75 x .20 in WEIGHT Not yet confirmed 10.41 ounces SCREEN SIZE 7.3 in AMOLED and 4.6 in AMOLED 8 in AMOLED folds down to 6.6 and 6.3 in SCREEN RESOLUTION 2,152 x 1,536 pixels and 1,960 x 840 […]