About us

About ChannelLine:

Since January 2nd 1980, ChannelLine, a division of Integrated Corporation, has helped about 500 Vendors, 35 Distributors, 1,000s of Channel Partners and 100s of Suppliers to the IT Channel to grow their sales and bottom line profits.

While ChannelLine has done more than 1,000 custom programs for their customers in the past, the company now focuses mostly on inexpensive programs that can be implemented very quickly and easily. However, when needed, ChannelLine does still do custom programs.


  • eChannelLine Daily News: launched in 1996 this is a daily channel newsletter that keeps the industry up to date about news in the industry, new products and programs, how to grow your business, technology solutions, events, etc. Like all publishers, we sell advertising space and will send out eFlyers, etc.
  • Channel Advisor News: Helping IT&T Vendors and Software companies to run their businesses better in areas such as profiling, Channel Messaging, Channel Partner recruitment, education, enablement, lead generation, etc.
  • Trusted Business Advisor Biz: Providing MBA type intelligence that will make it easier for IT&T Channel Partners to run the business part of their company, including: marketing, selling, accounting, finances, employees, etc.
  • MyChannelBook: IT Channel XPerts are interviewed about where their part of the IT&T industry is going, why it is important to sell these products and services and how the Channel Partners can make money from selling these product categories.
  • ConnectIT: End User Business type newsletter that brings together business and IT&T products and solutions.
  • Webinars: a full program that includes content, marketing the program, running the technology … etc. Customers walk away with an article that is written by a eChannelLine writer that will run in eChannelLine and several relevant social media sites as well as a list of everyone who registered for the Webinar or clicked on to the article.
  • Trusted Business Advisor Community: Brings together some of the most brilliant Channel people in the world to talk about opportunities and threats that are facing the industry and how we can take advantage of the opportunities and control the threats.
  • Get ConnectIT XStravaganza: Four events that run in parallel to each other and overlap at other times.
  • Kids Charity: (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) A Golf4Life and a Hockey4Life tournament with NHLers participating; a casino and silent auction; a banquet followed by a concert with several well known bands.
  • Channel XPerts: (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) Power Play where Channel XPerts (by invitation only) and Suppliers to the IT Channel do Channel Dating to see who they want to talk to during the rest of the event; interviewed that will be published in eChannelLine and in “My Channel Book”. (My Channel Book is an annual eBook, formatted, compiled and edited by Robert Cohen, which interviews key IT channel experts who provide their intelligence to Channel Partners and focuses on what they believe are the key things Channel Partners need to do in order to survive and thrive over the next year and beyond).lots of networking time; private dinner; customized private Trusted Business Advisor meeting; opportunities to do a presentation to the Get ConnectIT audience.
  • Trusted Business Advisor: (Sunday, Monday) Includes: IT trade show with Presentations, Workshops, Pavilion with booths and an invitation to join the Open Trusted Business Advisor meeting where the agenda is focused on helping Channel Partners and MSPs to be more profitable.
  • ChannelLine Advisory Council: (Monday) A high end two hour Channel meeting where Vendors, Distributors, Channel Partners and suppliers to the IT&T Channel come together to discuss how to nullify the weaknesses and threats, and take advantage of the opportunities and threats.
  • (NEW!!!) Trusted Business Advisor XSellerator Program:


  • What is XSellerator: is a social media, cloud-based platform that enables multiple Vendors to economically push out their marketing messages through advertising, eFlyers, Webinars, editorial, case studies, videos, etc. The messages go out from the Channel Partner and the responses come back to the Channel Partner.
  • Automation: The marketing and sales process, making it easier than ever for Vendors, Distributors and Channel Partners to grow their sales. This affordable, targeted program includes content, delivery and monthly metric reports.
  • Overview: XSellerator makes it easier, through “automagically”, for manufacturers to get their marketing messages out to the end user businesses through their reseller of choice … quicker, more professionally and with way better metrics. It speeds up the velocity of the sales that result in everyone involved in the XSellerator program benefiting. OEMs/Vendors and Channel Partners will sell more products, solutions and services with the end user Businesses getting the best products, services and solutions quicker, resulting in their businesses being much more productive.
  • Vendors: XSellerator is the easiest and most powerful way to get your messages out to end user SMBs and Enterprise markets, through their channel partner. We simply “automagically” create one simple and smart system that enables you to get your marketing messages out to SMBs and Enterprise end users through your Channel Partners with all the responses going back to the end users’ Channel Partner of choice. Your messages go out to the Channel Partners’ sales people and the end users when you want them to go out, saying exactly what you want them to say. Furthermore, we give you complete metrics so you can tell what is working and what needs to be tweaked. By speeding up the velocity of the sales everyone involved benefits. OEM/Vendors and Channel Partners will sell more products, solutions and services and the end user Businesses get the best products, services and solutions quicker and thus they are more productive and more profitable.
  • Channel Partners/MSPs: XSellerator is the easiest and most powerful way to reach your end user customers and prospects. Simply sign up for the FREE version, spend a few minutes completing your profile and load up your customers into our secured back engine … and then watch your marketing programs “automagically” grow faster than you ever dreamed they could grow!
  • Boarders: This program has been built specifically to help IT companies from around the world to easily, relatively inexpensively and very quickly grow your sales in the USA and/or Canada. Using ChannelLine’s other products will help you get there even quicker.
  • Conclusion: This is definitely the easiest and least expensive way to XSellerate your sales and profits.

No Hassle Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program after 3 months, we will give you a $25,000 credit that you can use in any of our publications within 6 months from when you ask for the guarantee. One condition, if you use your credits, you will not be allowed back into the program for one year.